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Fashion Week Cleveland envisions a future that includes a vibrant downtown shopping experience, in Cleveland, for tourists and residents alike.  Donald Shingler, founder and CEO of Fashion Week Cleveland, states "What we do is put a spotlight on downtown retail development. The key is education, putting fashion design and retail in the forefront, then connecting interested parties.  Fashion Week Cleveland is about building awareness and support for our city's retail development; motivating people and retailers to come downtown, after a forty year absence."

 Fashion Week Cleveland / Design + Education + Retail

FASHION WEEK CLEVELAND: It's all about retail.  Downtown Cleveland is coming alive and tourism in Cleveland is on the rise.  However, we do not have
​a shopping district. put it best; "Unfortunately unlike restaurants, dining and entertainment, retail has not rebounded in downtown Cleveland."

When visitors, business people and tourists come to our city, they ask residents or the hotel concierge; "Where is your shopping district?", their answer is some version of "Regretfully, Cleveland does not have one".  The return of downtown retail is necessary not only for the added revenue that it brings, but for the life that it brings to the heart of our city.  

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