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Cool Cleveland is hot.  We like it so much, we created this dedicated link to Cool Cleveland.  Why do we like CC?  They are the best and foremost authority on art, culture, and politics in Cleveland.  They get the story right; and in detail.  Not just our story, but with all of their stories, they dig in deep and tell you what is happening, not just who is happening.

In our case, Cool Cleveland (CC) was the first media outlet to understand that a fashion week is more than pretty faces and stylish clothing, although that we do have.  CC understood that a fashion week promotes retail development and fashion design in their host city.  They understood clearly, the economic impact of a fashion week and the importance of Cleveland's fashion week to our city's well being.  Then, once again, it was Cool Cleveland who first understood what our Educational Programs were all about, not just the great learning experiences that they are, but how these programs differentiated Cleveland's fashion week; from all of the rest and how this distinctive competancy would put us on the national stage, just as it has.  When it comes to Cleveland...  they get it.  Now, don't take our word for it, check them out for yourself.  You will see exactly what we are talking about:  COOLCLEVELAND

Below you will find links to CC coverage of our events, but don't settle for just those.  Browse around and read about other news and happenings in our city.  Then, if you  like what you see, we strongly recommend that you sign-up for the CC newsletter.  In this way, Cool Cleveland will come right to you, delivered weekly to your "in-box".   Before the Huntington Post, the Dredge Report or anyone else, there was Cool Cleveland; bringing it all to you, in digital print, photos, video streams and links.  Now that is cool... Cleveland.

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COOL CLEVELAND - Fashion Week Cleveland Archives
Style Setters Gather for Fashion Week

When fashion-minded Cleveland dentist Donald Shingler sowed the seeds of Cleveland Fashion Week 12 years ago, he just wanted to bring a high-quality fashion show to downtown Cleveland.  That one-day event expanded into a week's worth of events including films, speakers, workshops, museum exhibits, parties and fashion shows, making it one of the country's destination regional fashion events.  Fashion Week Cleveland is the "1st Week in May".